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👋 Welcome! My name is Sandor.

I explain complex tech in plain English using analogies.

For example, here I wrote about Node.js, React and DevOps

I've got good news for you!

You can learn technology without becoming a software developer!

Recruiters helped me to understand what information they need and how they want to consume it.

This experience helped me to build a training that explains in simple terms how software is built, what technologies are used and how to apply this knowledge in tech recruitment.

Devs are more than happy to engage with recruiters who know the important fundamentals - this is the goal of the training!

What you will learn

  • How software is developed starting from planning till the release and maintenance.
  • Agile, Scrum models and project management tools (e.g. Jira, Confluence as well as user stories, story points and other PM related stuff).
  • What technology stacks exist and what they are used for (Frontend, Backend, Fullstack).
  • What programming languages exist and what they are used for (OOP, functional, JVM languages | JavaScript, Python, Go, C, C++, Scala, Rust, .NET, Java, PHP, Kotlin and many more).
  • What tools devs use to code (they are often mentioned in job specs and resumes).
  • What are Databases, where they are used and what devs use them, SQL vs NoSQL.
  • How different parts of the application communicate (REST API, SOAP,, GraphQL).
  • How QAs test software and what tools they use (Unit, Integration and e2e testing).
  • Why everybody talks about Microservices, Monolithic and Component architecture.
  • What languages and tools are used for building Native and Hybrid mobile apps.
  • How software is released and what Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD/CD) has to do with it.
  • What are cloud technologies, Serverless, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and what they are used for and who is using them. And why even use them?
  • Buzzwords: Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Bootstrap, Cache, Frameworks, Mobile-first, Plugins, Responsive design and more.
  • Why DevOps is a mindset, not a role.
  • How to understand candidate’s seniority (Junior, Mid, Senior or Lead).

The duration of the training

Around four hours in total.
The training consists of two Sessions (2 hours each).

Money-back guarantee

If at the end of Session 1 you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full.

What recruiters say

Review from Kalliopi
Sandor's technical training gave us a better understanding of web and software development technologies, it was really well-structured, and on top of that Sandor is an excellent facilitator and trainer. He was always open to respond to our questions and deep diving into our own needs.
Kalliopi, Talent Acquisition Manager at Kaizen Gaming
Review from Klarna
  • A lot of clear info on WHAT different words actually mean, which counts as a language, framework, library etc, and what questions can help you assess quality or level of a candidate. A lot of great info, the content was great!
  • I liked the fact that everything was clear and well structured, there were questions we can ask candidates and also red flags to look out for. It wasn't too technical, explained very simply. Very very interesting and insightful!
  • Sandor held a great presentation with really useful tips and insights. I truly appreciated his mindset and opinions on subjects such as: what is a good engineer/developer
  • The sheer amount of (technical) knowledge was great. A lot of information about languages and DevOps, great addition with the interview questions and red flags.
  • It was AMAZING! I would recommend it to anyone and also would happily attend again myself.
  • Sandor explained the various technologies in detail to give us a complete overview. I appreciated the advice and questions to ask the candidates.
  • The content was perfectly adapted to our needs and excellently structured!
Klarna, Testimonials from recruiters and sourcers at Klarna
Review from Adam
Thanks Sandor. We really appreciate all your help over the last few months!
Your training has been invaluable and has given our teams a great knowledge base.
We’ll be in touch again when we hire more people.
Adam, Director, People And Culture at Appscore Digital
Review from Mike
We have a team with experience ranging from 6 weeks to 7 years and Sandor was able to explain the intricacy of technology across the board.
He gave a comprehensive view of the technology landscape as well as how software is developed including DevOps processes.
We will continue to use Sandor as and when new people enter the business.
Mike, Co-Founder at Change Recruitment.
Review from Iryna
I have an awesome impression after taking Sandor's training! - It's very professionally structured and the way of providing the information helps you to get all the main points that are needed for full technical recruitment.
The dynamic of the course and its structure will help you get the required knowledge fast.
Highly recommended for anyone wanting to become professional in tech recruitment!
Iryna, Global Talent Acquisition Partner at Refurbed
Review from Lina
My feedback is very positive. It was really interesting learning more about the development circle from a more technical perspective, it gave us a lot of insights so that we are able to better evaluate the experience of our candidates.
I would totally recommend it to other recruiters!
Lina, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Kaizen Gaming
Review from Bianca
I found the course really good - it was comprehensive and accessible. It covered a lot and at a good level of detail. It helped me refresh my knowledge a lot so I am very grateful.
Bianca, Lead Technical Recruiter @ Klarna
Review from Stephanie
Really loved the training, it was very helpful.
I liked how you used the different analogies to make things more simple for us e.g. when you were talking about OOP and FP and described it like a car and its different parts and functions – made it so much easier to wrap my head around.
Stephanie, Senior Consultant - Software Engineering, Product & Design
Review from Dreece
The background information you provided made it much clearer as to what they are talking about. I especially liked the “Questions to ask Developers” and the answers you should expect to hear back from ‘good’ Developers.
I can put this into practice.
Dreece, Recruitment Consultant at Darwin Recruitment


  • Group training
    From 4 people min. Price pp.
    No upfront payment required!
    EUR 99
    USD 120
    GBP 87
    AUD 160
  • 1 on 1 training
    Tailor-made training on request.
    No upfront payment required!
    EUR 399
    USD 470
    GBP 345
    AUD 650
  • Training for recruitment agencies
    Up to 10 people.
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