Become a master at selling technical jobs - FINISHED

Nov 25/Nov 26, 2021

This training will provide you with everything you need to earn your candidate's respect by knowing their technology.

By the end of the training, you will have a clear picture of how technologies are connected, and how tech teams work together if they adopt the DevOps mindset.

  • You will learn that devs use lot more technologies than just programming languages, frameworks and databases. And you will understand, why they need it.
  • You will see how Frontend tech leads and architects decided whether to go for a SPA or SSR app and how they justify their decision.
  • Or why Backend architects often choose microservices architecture.
  • You will know how easy or hard is it to master a NoSQL database with an SQL background or vice versa. Or going from OOP to Function programming.
  • You will know that full-stack developers don't exist unless they use Node in the backend.
  • We'll talk about TDD development and how devs contribute to software quality along with QA engineers.
  • And how QAs are an integral part of CI/CD and what Continuous Integration and Delivery actually is.
  • You will learn about DevOps, Containerisation, Docker, Kubernetes, Distributed systems, Message Brokers, Cloud Technologies along with how they are used, who uses them and why.
  • You will learn how to figure out what technologies are important by just looking at job specs.

This training is all you ever need to learn important fundamentals and impress your candidates.

Money-back guarantee:
  • No upfront payment is required.
  • If at the end of Session 1 you feel you have not gotten your money’s worth, feel free to cancel Session 2 without incurring any penalty.
  • By attending Session 2, you consent to effect payment within three business days after the training.
Price per participant:
  • EUR 99
  • USD 120
  • GBP 87
  • AUD 160

The duration of the training is 4 hours.

The training consists of two sessions.
Session 1 (Nov 25, 2021)
Session 2 (Nov 26, 2021)
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